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Carrollton Home Security Monitoring

Providing economical home security to Carrollton, TX families.

Equipment for Securing Carrollton Homes

We offer many different security equipment options for Carrollton residential customers. Our minimum security package includes contacts for all exterior doors, a motion detector, control panel, keypad, backup battery and A/C plugs. Plus the optional yard sign and window stickers.

Contact us: 972-330-5931 to discuss which equipment best meets the security needs of your home.

All equipment you add to your home is yours to keep and use with any other compatible Carrollton Texas home security provider.
Carrollton Keypad

Full Message Programmable Keypad

Carrollton Glass Break Detector

Glass Break Monitor
  • Detects glass being broken or cut.

Carrollton Monitored Smoke Detector

Monitored Smoke Detector
  • This sophisticated smoke detector is sensitive to both smoke and heat.
  • Unlike a standard smoke detector, a monitored smoke detector is connected into your security system, which will not only saves lives, but your Carrollton home as well.

Carrollton Motion Detector

Motion Detector
  • Detects any movement (in line of sight)
  • Protects the inside of your Carrollton home while you are away
  • Some have built-in pet immunity

Carrollton Security System Key Fob

Security System Key Fob
  • Remote control capability for arming and disarming your system
  • Panic button for emergencies

Carrollton Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector

Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carrollton Medical Emergency Fob

Medical Emergency Fob
  • Can be worn as a necklace or on a belt clip
  • Also available in a bracelet style

Carrollton Monitored Hot Water Tank Sensors

Monitored Hot Water Tank Sensors
  • Could prevent costly water damage from a leaky hot water tank

Carrollton Wireless Transmitter

Wireless Transmitter
  • Transmits an alarm signal wirelessly
  • Removes the need for a landline phone

Carrollton Home Security Cameras

Security Cameras & DVR Systems
  • Monitor your home from anywhere in the world on your computer or smart phone